Posture™ Back Stretch PRO

Posture™ Back Stretch PRO

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Back stretch PRO helps you get rid of tension in the back, increases your flexibility and gives you a better posture. When did you last stretch your back? With the back stretcher you make sure to reduce tension caused by tight muscles, pinched nerves and compressed vertebrae. At the same time, it stimulates blood circulation and gives you a pleasant massage effect. When sitting still, driving a car or at the end of the working day, we may all need to stretch a little extra to reduce tension and stiffness in the back.

Use the Back Stretch PRO lying down or regularly as a backrest for the lumbar position when you sit. Start with the first level of intensity and gradually work your way up a level without any force. The level should feel comfortable.

  • Improves your posture
  • Elegant design with linen cover suitable for a modern work environment
  • Duo use, both for the office and the aware workout studio
  • Use sitting for the lumbar or horizontally
  • 3 height levels that are easy to adjust
  • Soft layer  100% Linen for our Back Stretch which gives a very elegant look and comfortable function.
  • Completely foldable and portable
  • Detachable washable cover which keeps the product more sustainable and clean
  • Can be used both with protection and without protection.
  • Use 5 minutes twice a day in the supine position and regularly in the sitting position

Change your posturural pattern and get pain relief:
Counteract forward-leaning posture with Back stretch. Use the back stretcher 5 minutes twice a day in the supine position and regularly in the sitting position.


100% ABS, Linen

Weight: 700 grams
Length: 48 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 14 cm